About Adease


Critical media intelligence delivered since 2004.

Adease Media Intelligence Inc. is a wholly owned market intelligence company providing critical data on advertising activity in radio, TV, print, flyers and Internet. Since our launch in 2004, we have made it our goal to enable clients to make informed and actionable business decisions.

We monitor clients’ campaigns in real-time to allow them time to make adjustments as required and to further optimize their media investment while still on-air.

We have developed proprietary and innovative technology to automate manual processes, and to capture and report data. This allows us to update market intelligence and easily adapt to changing market dynamics without delay. We are flexible and focused on providing intelligence that meets each individual client’s needs. Our methodologies and global partnerships ensure efficiencies, timeliness, and data accuracy, which surpass other market providers.

Over the past 10 years, Adease has expanded services in response to client demand. In the past year, we have begun to integrate 1st party client data into our systems. Our dashboards are the centralralized location to explore marketing ROI, evaluate competitive data along with sales information, media ratings, brand health metrics and more.







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