Adease Media Intelligence presents:

An overview of holiday advertising on

Radio and Television in Canada

November 28th- December 4th 2022


With Black Friday behind us, holiday-themed advertising is out in full force on radio and television. Radio had a 130% increase in holiday advertising compared to the previous week. This is up from last year, which only had a 78% jump for the same period. 

Television saw a much smaller jump in holiday advertising in comparison to the previous week, with only a 24% increase. This is up slightly from last year, which had a 23% increase for the same period.  

Holiday Advertising Landscape on Radio

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets are leading the holiday train with a 9% share on the radio. Loblaws Group of Companies takes over this category with a 64% share featuring the following stores: Real Canadian Superstores, Provigo Stores, Loblaws Grocery Stores, and Your Independent Grocer Stores; Whole Foods Market takes the subsequent most prominent presence in the Grocery Stores category with a 19% share.

The second place category is Pharmacies & Drug Stores, with a 6% share. This category is also dominated by Loblaws Group of Companies thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart taking a 64% share. 

Smartphone & Mobile Services take third place with a 5% share. Bell Smartphone & Mobile Services represents 93% of this category. 

New Holiday Themed Advertising on 

Radio by City 

Quebec City and Vancouver share the top spot, with 43% of new advertising having a holiday theme. Sensations Plus takes up 6% of the new holiday advertising in Quebec City, whereas VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Millionaire Lottery takes up 8% in Vancouver.  

Calgary and Edmonton follow closely, with 42% and 39%, respectively. 

Cross Iron Mills Outlet Mall represents a 4% share in Calgary, and Loblaws Group of Companies takes a 4% share in Edmonton. 

Montreal and Ottawa are close together with 37% and 36% each. Montreal’s top spot is for Matelas Bonheur; Ottawa’s first spot is for Sensations Plus.  

Toronto takes last place, with 32% of new advertising having a holiday theme. The City of Toronto is the top holiday advertiser with a 6% share. 

Holiday Advertising Landscape on Television


The Holiday Train on TV is led by Quick Serve Restaurants taking 16% share overall. This category’s top advertiser is Tim Hortons Restaurants, with a 48% share. Mcdonald’s Restaurants takes second place with a 35% share, and Subway Restaurants in third place with an 11% share.


The second-place category is Department Stores, with a 12% share. Walmart Stores takes first place with a 42% share, followed by at 31% and Giant Tiger Stores at 14%.


Smartphone & Mobile Services come in at the third spot with a 4% share.  Rogers Smartphone & Mobile Services leads this category with an 89% share, and Freedom Mobile takes the remaining share.


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